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Help access the passion, ingenuity and collaborative spirit of the Kansas City startup community.

If each member of Kansas City's startup community creates a Donate Your Change RoundUp Giving account and rounds up just $1 a day for one year, we’ll raise over $100,000 to continue taking our startup ecosystem to new heights.

Your spare change will be used to:

About the app

We licensed with Donate Your Change to create RoundUp Giving accounts. DYC powers a custom, high-integrity, web-based app that allows you, our valuable donor, to give through roundups on your everyday purchases.

You choose which of your checking or debit or credit card accounts to give from, and how much you want to round up every day every time you spend. Every debit or credit card purchase or bank transaction you make will automatically round up based on the limits you set and the difference will go to our mission and work.

With DYC, giving is easy and automatic.

Giving is safe. We’ve carefully vetted DYC.

Donate Your Change meets the highest of internet-banking security protocols. The app was developed and integrated with the Finicity® database network of banks/ credit card companies. Security screening was conducted by Cigital, Inc., a leading, global software security and consulting firm.

Your financial information is encrypted and secured. Your spending habits are not recorded or tracked. You can make daily giving part of your lifestyle without worrying about security or privacy.

Control your DYC roundup account from your phone or tablet or on the web. Change your setup features any time you like to accommodate your giving. View your donations in real time.

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About Donate Your Change

Established 2016, Donate Your Change is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations raise the funds necessary to make a positive difference in our culture, both in the US and Canada. We are particularly interested in supporting non-profits engaged in providing food and shelter for the poor, finding cures for diseases, and those that are providing encouragement and vocational training for the underemployed or unemployed.

Donate Your Change employs a technology-based approach that is unique and highly sustainable. Funds are raised by participating, licensed organizations without requiring people to change anything about their lifestyle or day-to-day activities and they are raised 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. All funds generated by Donate Your Change are tax-deductible since our clients are tax-exempt organizations.

Donate Your Change believes small change can make a big impact. Fundraising no longer has to be restricted to those with large bank accounts. Because virtually anyone at any income level can participate as a donor using our software, donor fatigue is eliminated for both the donor and the organization.

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Small change. Big impact.